The Simplest Approach to Time Management

or; One Resolution to Rule Them All

I know, i know; we have been sick from endless ‘productivity hacker’ apps, extensions and even posts like this. If not you, i am.

I hate the term of “productivity” because i consider myself as a definition of ‘unproductive’, the more apps, extensions i try; the more i actually avoid important tasks.

Is that sounds familiar to you?

Welcome to the greatest challenge of this new year;

a modern hourglAss for our era

A couple weeks ago, after i had diagnosed with ADD; i thought a new way to work.

All we need is to produce more than we consume for the sake of the productivity. With this state of mind, i created a website and put it as a Chrome app. It has been helpful for a even dead-end procrastinationer like me so i decided to share it with everyone;


It is still stupidly basic, a bit buggy yet effective as hell… (I am planning many improvements over it, call it alpha stage.) You know exactly how many seconds you work/chill. If the number positive at midnight; you are good to go. Here i copy-paste the explaination of hourglAss;

Don' t let the term of time management actually distract you from your work. hourglAss is a time management tool for people especially with ADD and low attention span. It helps to materialize the time passing; showing actually how many seconds you have been working/resting. Just try to end the day with a positive seconds balance...
Written in pure javascript, designed to be cross-device and cpu friendly.
*First tap means work,
*Second tap pauses the timer
*Third tap means break, your balance will be rounded to minutes and hours, too.
It is that simple...
-You can launch it as a window, just click right at hourglAss on the new tab page and tick "Open as window".
-Your daily balance will be reset at midnight, so try to not fall below zero.

Now starting from 2016; i challenge myself and you to stay positive, everyday. But for today; Happy New Year :-)

Just remember to “Tap and start working.” tomorrow.

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