Full Astronomically Super Moon in Taurus

Sigh, why do I feel like the industrialization of time has completely ruined genuine and profoundly beautiful appreciation for cyclical indicators like our Lunar Lady?

Just imagine a point in time when industrialized time did not exist at all. Where would you turn? To light, naturally. Senses (ruled by Taurus) become heightened in unique non-desensitized ways. When you can’t tell [industrialized] time, you begin to pay attention to A LOT of other things, namely of the empirical nature determined by your five senses.

I think if you’re in the position to (I tend to take a paid day off of work after the full moon to recharge), I highly recommend getting in touch with conceptualizing time starkly different from how you are used to. That can involve something as simple as turning off your phone, relaxing, getting a massage and being in touch with just you and your senses. Or something as complicated as paying a shaman for an ayahuasca trip. It’s no surprise to me that Gemini Trump said in an interview that something was believable because he saw it online. Come on now. This super moon in Taurus is questioning our epistemological foundations. I feel like time informs the feelings that go hand in hand with one’s sense of possession and property, with empirically material concerns.

I really wanted to write about the full moon at 5 am pst last night but I always go by moods and it was not happening. I’m a lot like Cusp of Beauty Leonard Cohen (RIP) when it comes to not doing things just to do them but doing them when they feel right. He didn’t perform certain songs unless he felt a certain way and in fact didn’t feel he could perform them well unless he felt a certain way. There’s a balance between subjective and objective time and if we only had subjective time to rely on, we would essentially be on a perpetual mind trip. Which is no fun, and if it is, it’s only because we know there’s an ending…eventually. Things without endings are not fun.

Anyway, here it is now. The full moon affects your sun and rising sign in the following areas:

Aries: second house of values, personal income, possessions, to an extent romance linked to your income (e.g. at place of work), boundaries

Taurus: first house of identity, public persona, ego, self-interest

Gemini: twelfth house of pain, past, suffering, karma, death and dying, mental health

Cancer: eleventh house of friends, networks, who you know, the internet and technology/tools that connect you to a larger network, exes

Leo: tenth house of public professional image, vocation/career, relationship with men and dominant people, structure and discipline

Virgo: ninth house of philosophy and foreign affairs, higher thinking and education

Libra: eighth house of sex, death, intimacy, resources and money that isn’t yours but someone else’s e.g. inheritances, taxes

Scorpio: seventh house of relationships, contracts, diplomacy and balance, fairness, justice

Sagittarius: sixth house of work, routine, relationship with employees, physical health

Capricorn: fifth house of creativity, drama, writing, procreation, children, fun

Aquarius: fourth house of emotions, relationship with nurturing mother-like figures and women

Pisces: third house of communication, media, publishing, cousins, and sense of community and all things “local”

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