Jupiter in Libra: Fake it Til’ You Make It

“When I was 15, I told my economics teacher, “one day I’ll own a big company and will take it public.” I no longer want to do that, but that thought at 15 did give my life direction. At the time, I didn’t know what kind of company I wanted.” — Darius Foroux

With Jupiter in Libra it seems enough to think about your ideas and desire them for direction but it does not necessarily mean that will be the way things will end up — everyone just needs a bit of driving force for now.

This will change your life.

Part of having Jupiter in Libra, means learning how to think better more often. 99% of my pet peeve with the human population is due to useless thinking. It’s bad enough these streams of consciously unaware thinking runs through someone’s brain but it’s worse when you spew it out into the world, onto others, even if solicited — and it then becomes someone else’s problem. But alas, that takes us to a major Libran theme which is one-to-one relating. So often nowadays, people seem able to relate merely in group-think terms, and otherwise, in groups. Sure, it saves a lot of time. We all know some of you are so dramatic you copy, paste, and nominally revise your texts consisting 100% of Foroux’s interpretation of a “useless” thought a smidge and, essentially, mass send them to others, one after the other — chatting in a group precludes the needs to take so many steps but did you ever consider that your ability to relate individually became somehow compromised in your efforts to save time and post on a massive scale, whatever you’re trying to gain attention for?

Jupiter entered Libra on September 10 and will remain here for a bountiful year of luck tinged with beauty, balance, and fairness. It moved on from Virgo — hey, Virgo if you’ve felt lucky mid 2015 to September 2016 it was due to Jupiter’s presence in your sign which moved in after a tough year for you, tougher than most, mid 2014 to mid 2015. It’s all behind you as you can look forward to making more money and collecting objects of possession which you esteem to be valuable which contribute to your concept of self and your identity.

While it is a lucky year for Libras, it is a serious one due to the nature of subjects ruled by Libra. There’s a huge sense of commitment this year, there’s a feeling of pressure — Libra rules contracts, legitimacy. A friend’s Libra dad recently passed away; he was believed to be dead for three days before he was found two days before his birthday. He was an alcoholic and his addiction was fueled by “friends” his daughter never knew but his neighbors were suspicious of — the way they were coming around with tons of alcohol it “seemed they were trying to kill him.” While he was very neat, his place was left ransacked. Oddly, he must have been living multiple lives because he had a good reputation with his church who is paying for his funeral. But they were not the friends he sought to be a conduit to his self-destruction. They were the friends that were good for him but perhaps due to his addiction could not face in his day to day interactions. He wanted to play with his demons. Needless to say, Libra is the sign that is so susceptible to falling into the wrong crowd — it literally can make or break, or kill you. After Pisces, I would say Libra has the most addictive personality.

Libra, you will have lots of luck with your image, personality; if you’ve struggled a bit with how you view yourself and, since you’re a like a mirror, how others view you (which Libras hold to be perhaps equally as important as how they view themselves, more than other signs) then this is the year you flip your script. I always like to think of Libra as the sign of the zodiac that, of all signs, can “fake it ’til they make it.” Hence, the NPR Invisibilia program I am sharing here.

Quite an interesting podcast about someone faking his celebrity as an experiment and, if I remember the podcast correctly, day one people were lined up and wrapped all the way around a corner block! Claiming they knew him! It’s insane! It’s inane! And sadly, it’s all too true.

Scorpio, your luck will be in your 12th house of pain, past, karma, and secrets. It will be a tough year but in the most rewarding way. It’s a year of preparation for you to tie up loose ends so that you can maximize the good luck around the corner next year when Jupiter moves into your sign.

Sagittarius, your luck will be in your 11th house of friends, acquaintances — a network comprised of the aforementioned — as well as the internet, social media, and your goals tied to your dreams.

Capricorn, your luck will be in your 10th house of reputation and vocation. Changes in reputation aren’t specific to career but include marriage and babies or relationships with people “in power” in your life.

Aquarius, your luck will be in your 9th house of global travel, philosophy, foreigners and foreign concepts, higher thinking and education. It’s a big year for thinking big.

Pisces, your luck will be in your 8th house of other people’s money, intimacy (includes sex), death, taxes, mystery and magic.

Aries, your luck will be in your 7th house of relationships and your ability to relate to others one on one, as well as legally binding contracts of all sorts (including employment).

Taurus, your luck will be in your 6th house of work, physical health, relationship with coworkers and pets. It is a lucky year to improve your work situation and environment, get a pet, and improve your health and routine.

Gemini, your luck will be in your 5th house of romance, creativity, procreation, and fun. Vibes just got really light for you. Enjoy the fun while you can this year.

Cancer, your luck will be in your 4th house — a house you are most comfortable with or perhaps not lately — your sense of home. Hence, the stroke of luck appearing here this year.

Leo, your luck will be in your 3rd house of communications, media, publishing, writing. You will improve how you communicate because it likely requires a bit of help.

Pluto in Capricorn retrograde ended a bit of a while ago but it’s much too somber a topic to discuss than say all the fluffy good things and where the unicorns will fly for you with Jupiter in Libra. I will say that it is a generational more than individual-level repercussion (although we are still impacted by it ultimately)— the last time Pluto was here was 1776 when the USA was born so it makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it with the election? Since my focus this post is on the individual I will perhaps find time to post about that later.