klaritē: My boss tells me to stay focused…

My boss tells me to stay focused, be efficient, shield myself from distractions. Top-down, by sheer willpower. But… it does not work that way.

Focus is not a goal, not a mountain to conquer. It is a by-product, like wealth. The result of a messy, emotional, initially unstructured process of “finding purpose”: Why am I doing what I am doing? Should I do something else instead?

Once you find a meaningful answer (and yes, it can be grandiose) you have taken the first step on the second most important journey of your life.

From purpose comes clarity which in turn makes you feel relaxed at work. You forget time and space, you are in the flow. To an outsider, this looks like supreme focus and concentration. And it is. But it is effortless as it is grounded in meaning and purpose. No willpower wasted.

So here is our causal sequence:

Purpose > Clarity > Relaxation > Focus

Start with Purpose. And when you still have problems focusing at your workplace, read about MaOKR (Mission-aligned Objectives and Key Results) and klaritē.

PS: In case you wonder, the most important journey of your life results from who you marry and have kids with (the supreme decision in life to make).