Formatting My Resume For The Last Time Again

Working on losing fingers from a young age

Tonight, I am embarking on formatting my resume again for the last time. I’m not talking about adding a new skill, or reference, I’m talking about completely overhauling the format. This will be the last time, again.

The last last time, it was to Adobe’s Indesign. An amazing layout tool which I had been using profusely at the time to make books, magazines, five by twenty foot art installations, the works. I figured “this is the be all and end all, I’ll never have to do this again.” Did I mention my copy of the Creative Suite doesn’t work on my mac now?

The last last last time, it was to Word. I knew that every employer would want to know that I was proficient in Microsoft Office and that I’d be proudly displaying that on my resume. I figured “what better way to prove my proficiency than with the be all and end all of word processors?” Did I mention I own a mac?

The last last last last time it was on paper. I was applying for the only job I have ever been fired from, “Rita’s Italian Ice.” A staple here in Philadelphia, but a novelty back in Dayton, Ohio at the time. One of my dear friend’s parents were opening a shop. I was let go because “your morals are just not that of Rita’s.” Heavy blow at 16. I had no notions of what a resume was.

This last time it is going to be done…in Vim…as a JSON flat file…in git. I was about to do the deed in Google Docs but then stumbled upon this gem: There’s a git repo for everything and a standard for everything. You can check out my handiwork here:

JSONResume aims to solve the problem I just elaborated that I’m sure many, not just nerds, have faced; you want to do something, do it once, and be able to come back to it. Most modern technologies fade so quickly that you’re not really left with anything recoverable, or at best you’re left with an inconvenience. I have to say, at the time of writing this, I was expecting a somewhat painful process working with a command line tool that was aimed at making resumes standard…and it ended up being what I chose to do for fun on a Monday night. This tool is actually pretty awesome, and the payoff is pretty slick.

Till the next last time.