Pets a true loss of a Loved family member.

( Dedicated to Max R.I.P Old friend September 2004 — December 2015 )

Over the 42 years of my Life I had many pets as I had grown up in which I have only been emotionally attached to only to a very few, There are a lot of people out there in the world that do not feel the same as myself and many others.

When you happen to have a pet for a long period of time for instance 11 years being with Max.

Back when he was just a pup I had stay wife my sister in law for a couple months because she had lived closer to where i was working it saved on about a hour of travel time. Max would use to sleep in his crate for comfort, From the time I had arrived at my sister in law's house I had let him out and He had slept with me on the couch. Max had loved cuddling ever since. Max being a 115 pound rottie Max swore he was a chihuahua he would lay on top of me and watch TV or just to cuddle it all depended on his mood.

My sister in law took this pic when she came downstairs

Pets can sense when you are depressed they have a special way of getting you through the rough time hence they tend to cuddle with you. They also show you that they care just as a child / and as an adult does.

When I would walk through the door from work he would hop up and down and hugged me by pressing his head against my leg and I would respond back by petting the side of his head as he had it pressed against my leg. Also You may not realize it but they sit and actually watch TV with you too.

Max would wake up at 4 am in the morning and sits next to me as i had my coffee before work, He would be the last one that would stay up with me also. Max was right by my side during the loss of my mother and my aunt to Cancer. Which was a very unbearable pain in my chest. Which is a story in itself.

Be sure to pay attention to your pets they may not be able to verbally say how they feel but they do know how to show their Love. My family and I had loss Max to Cancer which it had gotten so bad to the point he had to take a trip to the pearly gates to his new resting home. We ended up having him cremated and he will always be with us. I catch myself leaving the tv on from time to time so he can watch his shows.

Nobody knows when their time is up in this big world, So be sure to make amends where they are due, Don’t hold a grudge on a family member or a life long friend that may be like a brother / sister / mother / father . And I can assure you by my past experiences you will regret it for the rest , Granted I was able to make up with my mom , I had still held a grudge for almost 6 years where i had not talked to her at all. until I had found out she was in the hospital and they had said she had 3 to 6 months But she was gone within a couple of days the Cancer had spread like Wildfire. It is going on 3 years And my head is still messed up. Even though after we made up I never left her side. I was there for her until the moment she passed . But I should of been there for her all along.

So be sure to open your eyes and heart to all your surroundings. Because you will never know if that will be the last thing you see / say / or do.

Thank you and if you would like to read more of my blogs stop by here and there i will be adding more soon.

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