The Great Multitude: When a Million Saviors Gather in One Place

I attended the first Million Man March twenty years ago as a young lad. Speaking with many who attended this one yet weren’t at the first one there was a sense of kinship and connection. There are literally some things that can only be communicated if you have experienced the event. To see so many Black “nations”, “groups” and “tribes” converge without any issues is a powerful thing. It is also empowering in terms of setting one of the path of activation within one’s own community because you see that it can be done. When Crips and Bloods are reconciling, Christian and Hebrew Israelites are walking hand in hand and Joe Joe from down the block is just walking around you know you’re in the right place.

Yes, many people went to the anniversary with the perspective that Farrakhan was their savior and that they were going to get THE answer to every problem in their hood. Some were skeptical of the “or else” portion of the “Justice or Else” statement. The beauty of the march My righteous brother Supreme Understanding called it the “Great Multitude.” On this past Saturday, Million plus Black people gathered for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March. Whenever masses of Black people converge during a particular time and space for the advancement of an agenda of peace, progress, change and transformation that needs to be celebrated. As with anything there will always be criticism yet never let non-dynamic criticism overtake those who are committing to dynamic solutionary path of direct action.

though is that many who go realize the “open secret.” The open secret is that it is a march of millions of saviors. We are the problem and the answer. It is Justice or Just Us. This has been the reality since the beginning. There are a few who walked away feeling that they didn’t gain anything because they didn’t recognize the secret. There are those who refused to go because they didn’t recognize the secret. I’m here to tell you there are no more secrets. We have to to be the source of change in our communities. Find your lane and devote your energy to it.

Some were disheartened that major news outlets didn’t cover the march. There is not one major news outlet which reports unbiased. They have an agenda. They will cover uprising in Ferguson and Baltimore in a negative manor while cover similar ones across seas in a positive one. They weren’t about to cover the Million Man March Anniversary in a positive light. That was predictable though. Yet we also have to understand that the world is moving on. Did you realize that Snapchat had a channel devoted to the Million Man March Anniversary all day long? We’re in the era of news 2.0. The “majors” are old and actually out of date. Do you want to know what’s going on? You need to get involved with citizen news reporting through live streaming, twitter, instagram and snapchat. These newer start-ups and technological outlets are killing the game. They often give you an unfiltered, unbiased, breaking news, at the site view of news. You can also be directly involved. We don’t have to whine that “big news” ain’t covering us. They ain’t never loved us. This shouldn’t be “news.” We have our own tools and we can use them ourselves.

Also this was a coming together of all of the Black, Brown and Yellow. Indigenous Nations were there, Mexicans were there. Asians were there. Everyone was aware that unity is the order of the day. If you are in tune, “conscious”, “enlightened”, etc. then your job is to be on your post in your community. You aren’t supposed to be whining on line talking about what was or wasn’t done at the march. Your job is to meet all of those people who went to the march looking for solutions when they return to their neighborhoods. You are to be the facilitator of unity and change in your hood. Yeah, yeah…you’re already doing that yet there may be some new people ready to add on with you coming from that march. Are you game? Are you prepared? Are you built for this? A Great Multitude of Original People stood in one place last Saturday. What is your role going to be in movement, activation and making sure that multitude finds position and purpose? Let’s go.

C’BS ALife Allah is the co-author of the ground breaking Science of Self: Man, God and the Mathematical Language of Nature and the co-editor of the seminal Hood Health Handbook: A Guide to Health and Wellness in the Urban Community. He also is a contributing writer to the Hood Health 101 column at the Source blog. He is a community solutionary who concentrates on Hood Health, Science of Self, the Black Presence and youth empowerment. You can find more about him at official webpage. You can also follow him on twitter at or on Instagram at . Currently he is working on a major project creating a mobile HoodHealth community center housed within a school bus. Check out that project at


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