I’d like to return this Trump
Jesse Porter

Could it be worse than eight years of Obamawar — using borrowed money (your borrowed money and perhaps borrowed karma)?
The Hive Mind with its mad, partisan #resistance probably cannot name seven countries (and people therein, mostly Muslims) The Drone Prez bombed in 2016 using money he borrowed from them — as they conveniently looked the other way as if there was nothing to see there — because, well, you know, this is our Nobel Warmonger?
As a paz-ifist, it is very hard to stomach the following, heart-crushing article from The Guardian, 9 Jan 2017, “What a bloody end to Obama’s reign” by CodePink founder Medea Benjamin, yet necessary to consider, not the least because of the consent of silence that allowed it to happen. In other words, where was #resist then…and why do they have any cachet now? Or, is this simply selective outrage of the Hive Mind lost in an echo-chamber?