Marketing leaders, it’s time to leave behind your old ways and make a significant investment in an overhauled market research strategy

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Pressure on CMOs and marketing departments has been increasing for years, and the past year has acted as an accelerator. Digital transformation, growing expectations from customers and internal audiences, shifting audience priorities and shrinking budgets are just a few of the challenges. …

Emerging creative trends to watch for in 2022 from a design thinking survey of 400 creatives and marketers

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As we emerge from the pandemic into the Next Normal, marketers and business leaders are rethinking everything.

That’s a sweeping claim, but I think it’s true.

Many of us are redesigning our offices and work culture. Marketers are redesigning performance marketing models in the face of…

Analyzing the value of the design thinking process and solutions for marketers in better understanding your consumers

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Design thinking is a process concerned with solving complex problems in a highly consumer-centric way. If you work in design or innovation in any capacity, you’ve probably heard of, and even leveraged, design thinking. At the very least, you’ve heard people talk about it so much…


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