Gorgeous Libs Seek Eligible Collector

Walking Liberty Halves . . . A Splendid Asset to Behold!

The 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar design is arguably the most beautiful of all silver circulating coinage, born in a progressive era where Art Nouveau was a liberating artistic trend, and The U.S. Mint had been liberated by Congress to bring modern, beautiful designs to U.S. coinage by using celebrated sculptors of the day to create incredibly appealing numismatic works of art. Holding a choice example in your hand is explanation enough why the series is one of the most popular with collectors in all of numismatics. Read Full Article: http://www.monacorarecoins.com/beautiful-silver-liberties/walking-liberty-halves/

At Monaco Rare Coins, quality is our priority. So if quality is your preference, you may find we have a lot in common. It is our goal to try and find the right collector for the right Walking Liberty Half Dollars. If you cant seem to find that perfect match on our site right now, please send us your want list! We have the opportunity to purchase a lot of coins, and are a great source to find those tough to locate exceptional specimens.

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