Quote: “The game was simply too unbearable to play in its current state”
Connor R

Conner, I don’t think you caught what the OP was talking about. He went at length at all the good the game has done, but pointed out that there was an alternative to an issue that many people depended on. This would be the radar. It’s not an excuse for everyone not wanting to go out and walk, rather give people direction as to how they would allocate their free time for Pokemon Go. There are many people like Yang, including myself, that are well into adulthood and cannot spend 6+ hours walking around in a vague imitation of “hunting”. PokeVision was a means to a broken feature.

I tend to have a few hours of free time about once or twice a week. If I choose to use that free time for Pokemon Go, I don’t want to just wing it and pray that I stumble upon something other than Pidgey or Rattata. There is a large percentage of people that I’m sure would fall in the same catagory. Since this group doesn’t want to depend on asking strangers or don’t have numerous friends who play, they can use a source to at least give them direction.

The radar was put in the the original design to help the person catch pokemon in a proximity. When the steps below the pokemon worked, 3 steps meant a pokemon was 150 meters away. That’s a lot of ground to cover and using directional trial and error, one could catch a specific pokemon with a little patience. Just because you don’t care to use it, doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t use it nor need it! If someone wants to bring up a concern about a primary feature not working, then that is okay. It doesn’t reflect a sense of entitlement, unless he/she demands that they deserve it and hell to anyone who denies them that “right”.

Lastly, people will find ways to cheat. By cheating, I mean legitimate exploitation and/or hacks. Be angry at people using that spoof GPS crap, or tampering with client-side data. Don’t be upset because someone found an alternative means to finding pokemon. Even if someone found (insert pokemon here), if it’s miles away, they wouldn’t get there in time before it despawned! Not only that, Pokevision only showed their spawned timer, not how often they spawn. Some timers have been reported to be once a day! If you’re upset because people don’t want to waste hours in a small area and wander aimlessly, all while going off of hearsay from strangers (Who don’t mind lying, trolling, or whatnot), then take your own advice and create a game with no sense of direction as the design.

You’re whole reply radiated anger that you just wanted to vent and OP happened to be an outlet to vent on. OP didn’t cheat, exploit, or try to stick it to Niantic; OP just gave literally millions of people direction and means to plan the little time they have. Lazy people will be lazy regardless. Personally, I used the site and planned routes and increased my walking and found more reasons to go outside because there was potential at getting something cool. I also stumbled upon other pokemon on the way, but I find it way more discouraging to just pray that I something happens.

Sorry for long response, but I wanted to toss a different opinion your way since I felt you focused on one small point and blew it out of proportion.

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