Biggest Present Ever

Once upon a time, Old Man Marley was to go to little Kiki’s birthday party. He was very fond of her indeed and so he wanted to show his affection with a meaningful present.

However, meaning got lost when everyone came up with something so big and fancy it was now hard to tell if it all had meaning to begin with. Marley wondered if people who love more, needed to give even bigger presents. It certainly didn’t seem like thought counted anymore. Even if it did, it could only count till ten. Or even less. People have gadgets these days to do the counting for them.

Now, Old Man Marley was not a money-full person, although he was rich beyond measure, in the unconventional sense of the word, of course. So to solve this conundrum , he went about laying a step by step plan to give the biggest present ever or his name was not Marley — (which really it wasn’t).

So to execute his plan, he went around buying a lot of gift wrapping paper. He bought out all the stores and warehouses selling those. So much paper he bought that the world became curious and newspapers began publishing stories:

“Old Man Rampant - Buying Wrapping Paper ”


“Epic proportions of Wrapping Paper Bought by Man — Old Man.”

“ World forced into buying tiny presents for lack of enough wrapping paper”

And to the greatest horror of all:

“ This Christmas: only Love will have to do — no Wrapped Presents.”

Finally, it was the day that Kiki turned one. Everyone woke up and did not see the sun… all they saw was wrapping paper. Wrapping paper carefully wrapped around their houses, around chimneys, covering roads, all of Germany, France and respectfully, England and over the oceans, to Canada and so on and so forth.

Marley came around Antarctica and faced the problem of wrapping paper around the curvature but managed. Finally after being done with all this wrapping he took a step back and admired his work. And with a proud smirk characteristic of one, very pleased with himself for all he accomplished overnight, stuck the note he wrote to the little darling baby:

“Dear Kiki,
Tis the biggest gift in the world, on your birthday — The World itself.
For you to unwrap and discover for the rest of your life.
Old Man”

The End.

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