This year it is really evident that the new Classic Physique division in the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilding) has become profoundly more popular than the Bodybuilding division. The craziest thing about all this is that the Classic Physique division came out a little over a year ago and it has gained this must traction amongst fans in such a short amount of time. The reason why the Bodybuilding division wasn’t as popular this year was because the main competitors aren’t competing in the regular shows anymore. They all competed in the beginning of the year and are now resting and training for Olympia. If you didn’t know, the Olympia is the biggest show in the IFBB, where all best in each division compete. Another reason why the Bodybuilding division wasn’t gaining traction was because people are getting tired of seeing the bottle like shaped physiques and want to see something different that isn’t freakish. What they want to see is something known as aesthetics. This is exactly what Classic Physique offers tot he fans and why it was made for. Classic Physique came up as a division because popular fitness reporters like Lui Marco and even Arnold Schwarzenegger pushed the IFBB to pick aesthetic competitors over the bottle like bubble gut competitors. However, the IFBB committee thought that Bodybuilding and aesthetics were two totally different things during the judging process, so they created Classic Physique instead. Just as Lui and Arnold wanted, the push for aesthetics has finally come a reality and now the fans really enjoy it. It’s not like Bodybuilding has become so unpopular that no one will watch it. There are always those fans who love seeing the freaky over-sized people flex on stage,but now that aesthetics has made its statement in the IFBB, more Golden Era physiques are coming out. Golden Era physiques that have the small waist, perfect symmetrical ratio, and the vaccums are finally coming back!

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