Well, it’s finally here. Fitness Youtuber Christian Guzman has announced his summer shredding series once again and along with it an added surprise. In his summer shredding series Guzman starts to diet to prepare for men’s physique show around June or July. The reason he does this series is to motivate his fans to diet along with him and also to inspire them even if he wins or loses this contest he’s still content with himself. It’s not always about winning or losing, but rather the notion of self-discipline and setting and achieving goals. Once again, along with announcing the summer shredding series he has also announced a contest to give his fans more motivation and initiative. In this contest, the people with best 90 day transformations win. Guzman has stated that he will be giving 25000 dollars to 10 winners, meaning 2500 to each of them, and then 1000 dollar credit in Alphalete items to another 10 people.

So how do you enter this contest? It’s simple really. All you have to do is email Alphalete’s email with a video of you showing your body at beginning of the 90 days with the summer shredding episode playing in the background for the proof of date. Then you have to send an email at the end of the 90 days showing the end results with the last episode playing. Guzman made this contest, so his fans could experience the summer shredding series with him not just by watching him but also by dieting. I would like to inform whoever is reading this that I will also be entering this contest and that I am very excited about it. Why do I want to enter? Well, I was already in the process of dieting and this contest had motivated me to make my transformation even more incredible. If you want to enter yourself the link below has all the detail you need.

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