Before we discuss the topic of a “Clean bulk vs Dirty bulk,” you need to understand what a bulk is. A bulk is a term used when a person is intentionally eating more food and is on a caloric surplus, so they can gain more size to get bigger. A dirty bulk is when you take in a lot of junk food and empty calories to reach your high caloric intake. However, a clean bulk is when you eat a lot of clean foods to reach you caloric intake. So which one is better? Well, I have done a lot of dirty bulks and they all have gone well. I was able to gain a lot of size, going from 183 pounds as high as 230 pounds. The biggest downfall to a dirty bulk is that all that size comes with excess fat , that takes longer to lose when you diet down. Also when you are on a dirty bulk you gain size a little bit to quickly and this affects how you feel and how your body functions. Eating all that junk food leads you to feel “shitty” because the quality of the food you are eating reflects on how you feel. When you do a clean bulk you get to gain size, but it doesn’t come with all the extra baggage. You gain excess fat, but not as much as you would when you do a dirty bulk, so when you diet down it’s easier to get leaner and preserve muscle mass. Also when you do a clean bulk you feel better because you are making sure you are receiving your vitamins and macro nutrients through your meals.In the case of powerlifting, when you lean bulk you make more strength gains overall. This is because when you dirty bulk you gain so much size quickly that the long process of cutting diminishes your strength. However, when you clean bulk you don’t have to cut at the end of it for long and you save a lot of your strength. As you can see, a clean bulk is a lot better than a dirty bulk in many ways, but a dirty bulk has its up too. When you clean bulk it puts a lot of stress on you mentally to eat clean and what not, but when you dirty bulk that stress is non-existent. You get to relax and eat what you and do what you love, which is lifting. In my opinion, from a performance stand point a clean bulk is better for you.

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