Dealing with Injuries !

During my four years of weight lifting I had a number of injuries. My first real big injury was my lower back pain. My lower back pain would hurt here and there and I would ignore it because I thought I was “Superman.” Being 17 at the time and never having an injury before I believed it would just recover, but that was not the case. My acute back pain suddenly turned into chronic back pain and I didn’t know what to do to cure it. My lower back pain continued to impact my performance in the gym negatively because I wasn’t able to perform deadlifts or squats. So what did I do? I began doing my own research on my problem and how to fix it. I came to the conclusion that my body had become too tight in certain areas because I would never stretch. This is when I learned the importance of stretching. The lower back pain I was experiencing originated from tight hip flexors and not a tight lower back as many would think. I started foam rolling my hips and my legs and intermediately I started feeling better, but not yet cured. I was still doing something wrong, so if it’s not the stretching, what can it be? Doing more further research and asking fellow experienced lifters around me I believed that I had developed weak hamstrings, glutes, and abs. The weak muscle groups made me develop posture issues that lead to me having an anterior pelvic tilt. An anterior pelvic tilt is when your pelvis instead of being in the correct position is a bit more forward than it should be. Obviously, to fix this I tackled the issue head on by changing my posture and being aware of how I sit. I also trained my hamstrings, glutes, and abs properly. Soon enough my lower back pain vanished. I was able to deadlift and squat again after a whole year of not doing so. Not being able to perform two of the big three lifts as a Powerbuilder actually made me want to stop going to the gym. This was because I felt that lifting had become boring and if I was injured I should save my self my time and effort and stop it all together. However, since I persevered it was all worth it. My point is that if you are dealing with an injury, try doing your own research and learn everything you can, and try everything before giving up.

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