Michael Kory’s Gym Finally Completed

Fitness Youtuber Michael Kory has finally completed his gym that he has been working on for months now. He has recorded the the completion of his gym with a 30 episode series called “Next level.” In the first episode Michael tells his audience why he wanted to start his gym and how he will start looking for one. He wanted to start the gym so he could have place to film his workouts and because he wanted a place where all his fans can meet up and see him at anytime. As more episodes came out, slowly but surely progress could be seen. He showed his audience the ups and downs of creating gym. One of the ups he went through was having the satisfaction of seeing your gym get completed and seeing a vision in your head become reality. However, one of the downs he experienced had to do with paying for equipment and having to deal with excess costs Michael couldn’t have planned for.

The name of the gym is “Obtain Strength.” He named it this because no matter what problems you face in order to overcome them you need to obtain strength. The grand opening for the gym was around 2 weeks ago and Michael brought along Maxx Chewning (another well know Fitness Youtuber) to help attract more people to come to the gym. Since he first opened the doors to his gym Michael has stated that number of members he has gotten allows him to break even with the lease he has to pay for. Not only is his business going well, so are things in his personal life. Michael has been overcoming injuries that he has dealt for a while now and along with his business progress he also made a lot of progress in the gym. With the help of his power lifting coach he has fixed his squat, hit a pr (personal record)on the deadlift of 405 *18 reps, and has brought up his bench. As you can see, Michael’s life is going well and even though he thought investing in the gym was a big risk financially, he also thought of it as a missed opportunity if he didn’t do anything. Everything in life is a risk, but if you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything.

Here is the link to Michael Kory’s series “Next Level” :


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