Mike O’ Hearn a fitness model and business man in the fitness industry has claimed for years and years that he is an natural athlete. Well, is he? I believe he’s not a natural athlete because of many reasons. First of all, Hearn weighs 262 pounds of solid muscle mass at a height of 6'3. This means that Hearn is taller and much more heavier than know steroid users like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Second of all, Hearn is 48 years of age and being so at such age it is damn near impossible to maintain 262 pounds of solid muscle naturally. Finally, I believe Hearn is not natural because he is close to 8 percent body fat all year round. To be in such a condition all year round and still look full and not depleted is not possible naturally.

So why is he lying? Hearn is lying because over the years in the fitness industry he has created a name and brand for himself based of his image. When i say image i mean more specifically his body. He wants his fans to believe that his body is achievable naturally so he can sell his products and merchandise based on the fact that if you buy his things you will look like him. This is the main reason why most fitness athlete lie to you about being natural, but also it’s frowned upon in our society and seen as crime in some countries.

I believe that what Mike O’ Hearn and many other athletes are doing is wrong because of the fact that these fans look up them and trust them. But all this trust is being given to someone who is lying straight to their faces just to make a buck. Mike O’ Hearn more like Mike O’ Tren.

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