Synthol ?

Synthol is a site enhancement oil (SEO), usually a liquid substance, that is a mix of different oils used to increase muscle size. However, Synthol is not considered a steroid because it doesn’t actually increase the size of the muscle with more muscle, but fills it with oils instead. The reason I want to talk about Synthol is because of the abusive usage people are doing around the world. People from Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Brazil, India, and even in America are seen using Synthol in an improper fashion, where they ruin the look of the muscle and it looks unnatural. Their muscles lose its natural movement when they would flex it and appears to look like a gigantic blob. The people using synthol like this think they actually “look good” and are hyped up by the media on their freakish looks. In reality though, these freakish looks are not made in the gym through hard work and dieting,but constant injections on their arms, shoulders, and even chest! I emphasize the “chest” because injecting oil or anything near your chest is very dangerous. One wrong injection near your chest and the oil or whatever your injecting can directly go into your heart. The worst thing about all of this is that when the media does hype these people up, it encourages them to do more Synthol. Suddenly, Synthol becomes addicting through this idea of “bigorexia.” Bigorexia is a condition a person has when they are obsessed with constantly getting bigger and more muscular and they always find themselves to look small. When these guys who are getting bigger off of Synthol usage get their fame, they breed a whole new generation of Synthol users who want to be just as big, and fast. Synthol has grown and spread like a disease, and has become an epidemic in recent years around the world. This needs to stop and young lifters need to be educated on how to gym properly. The gym isn’t always about being the biggest, but people need to be reminded that it is also about promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle, so you feel good. Feeling good doesn’t require injecting oil into your body.

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