4 Styles of Party Dress Every Woman Must Own

These days, there are hundreds of styles of party dresses for women to choose from, and the selection can be overwhelming. But whether you’re going to a small house party, the club or a giant soiree, just a few classic party dress styles will work every time. Here are the four types of party dress every woman should have in her closet — because they will work almost anywhere.

The Skater Dress

If there’s just one style of party dress that women can rock at event after event, it’s the skater dress. These dresses have the ultimate versatility; the way they’re cut builds up the shoulders and flares at the hips, while cutting in at the tummy. That means the skater dress will complement an hourglass figure if you already have one or create it if you’re a bit more of an apple or a pear. And the varieties of skater dresses are endless: in black, this can be any girl’s LBD; in dark colors and patterns it creates a formal, moody look and in bright colors it’s girlish and wild.

Long-sleeved Mini

This is a look not a lot of women try out and it’s really a shame. A short dress on its own is certainly sexy, but lacks some of the elegance that you want to show off at so many parties and events. A sleeved short dress, however, exudes elegance. It covers up your arms while flaunting your legs — it has a classic appearance with a good measure of daring thrown in, and it draws the eyes up to the neckline instead of down to your legs. These dresses strike a great balance of sexy and modest that will never fail to get attention!


Every girl needs at least one strapless dress, because these portray a lighthearted glamour that no other style of dress can match. Part of the allure of the strapless dress is just how much it stands out — it shows confidence and looks showy without much effort. And a strapless dress works great with wild, natural hair that’s left down.

Long and Flowy

The long, flowing dress is probably the oldest dress style in existence and, done right, it’s also the most alluring. A good maxi dress will hug you in all the right places and then flow loosely and casually around your legs. Want to walk into a party in a swirl of relaxed confidence? Choose a long dress every time.

What are your standby dress styles?

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