Arthritic Pain Relief — A Brief Look Into Different Options Available

Till date, there are no proper cure options available for rheumatic diseases. However, there are certain treatment mechanisms that may help in controlling certain rheumatic health conditions effectively. This has been due to research and massive medical improvements over the years.

For any patient suffering from rheumatic causes, treatments need to be tailored as per the condition and situation of the individual. After all, severity and type of rheumatic arthritis vary from one individual to another. Every treatment comes with its share of risk and benefits. Balancing those as per your condition and requirement would ensure best protection from the disease to grow and spread.

In the case of inflammatory arthritis, the sooner drug therapies are begun the more effective they’re likely to be. This can reduce the risk of long-term damage to joints and bones.

Chances of side effects :

The unfortunate situation is that there is presently no treatment available that would cause zero side effects. Be it medications or physical therapies, minor side effects are common. However, the chances of severe side-effects due to these treatments are usually rare.

Different types of treatment procedures for arthritis :

Treatment of arthritis can be divided into 3 major categories :

1. Drug Therapy

2. Physical Therapy

3. Surgical Therapy

The use of drug therapy :

Drug therapy is the most common form of treating rheumatic arthritis. The therapy can be divided into 5 major groups:

1. Drugs (NSAID) that would suppress the inflammatory disease and may improve the overall outcome

2. Drugs (painkillers) that would treat the symptoms of arthritis, most notably the pain and stiffness part

3. Drugs (steroids) that are mostly used for treating inflammatory arthritis and related connective tissue diseases. However, they are very rarely used for treating osteoarthritis on a short-term basis

4. Drugs (DMARDs) that would suppress inflammation and would treat the inflammatory arthritis problems. They are occasionally used for treating connective tissue diseases

5. Drugs (biological therapies) that are used for treating inflammatory arthritis when every other type of drugs have been tested to no results

You will find drugs being available under different brands and name. You need to focus on the composition of the drugs to figure out whether it would be safer to use it or not. Keep in mind, every single drug comes with a certain scientific name. However, it depends from one manufacturer to another as to what brand name would be provided to the drug.

The use of physical therapies :

To find relief from arthritic pain Bedford, doctors would often recommend different types of physical exercises and therapies to overcome the scenario. These would include the following:

Hydrotherapy — This therapy involves certain exercises in a warm water pool. The water helps in supporting your weight and henceforth providers minimal pressure on your joints and muscles

Physiotherapy — This therapy is the most common and helps in improving the muscle strength and general form of fitness through a different set of exercises being specifically tailored to meet the needs of patients accordingly. The therapy can be easily combined with certain additional treatments to relieve the pain, like the use of heat packs, massaging, and ice packs.

Apart from the drug and physical therapies, there is also a surgical therapy that is required in worst-case situations. If damage to certain part of your body joints is severe, surgical procedures are recommended.

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