Hello, we’re AMMAC!

In case you are wondering, AMMAC stands for “Alliance of Mercy Ministeries, A.C”.

We are a nonprofit organization located in Monterrey, Mexico that seeks to help those in need.

How do we do this? Simple, we have 6different projects:

Mercy for all: food distribution program

My house is your house: home construction

Saturday School: English classes for primary students

After School: tutories for primary students

Straight to the heart: radio program

Medical brigades: health assistance

These projects are directed to families that live in vulnerable communities, and students from 3rd to 6th grade of primary school that want to improve their skills in different subjects such as English, Spanish, math, and geography.

Our projects are delivered by our national and international volunteers.

If you’re interested in spreading love and helping people while having a good time visiting Mexico, then you might want to consider volunteering in AMMAC!

In this blog we’re going to explain out the different programs we offer, how you can be part of them and some other interesting things .

Thanks for taking time to read what we share!


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