In 2016…Thanks to You!

It has been another great year for AMOR! Together we accomplished so much and we are filled with gratitude for your generosity and support. As we look forward to the exciting things happening this year, we can’t help but look back in 2016 and say thank you.

Here are what your dollars and support accomplished in 2016.

COPE Clinics — AMORelief
  • We expanded our health education classes in Afghanistan, which now includes educating 3,300 boys and girls each month.
  • 65,163 patients were treated at Afshar Hospital in 2016 alone.
  • 1,537 babies were delivered, resulting in countless smiles.
  • 9,890 patients were vaccinated, which prevented diseases.
  • Your support helped AMOR open five new Community Outreach and Patient Education (COPE) clinics near Afshar Hospital to serve an additional 90 patients a day (1,800 a month).
  • We launched a Diabetes Community Outreach and Awareness Campaign in partnership with the World Diabetes Fund, to educate the public regarding diabetes.

Locally, your support has contributed significantly to building a healthy community here in the Central Valley.

  • AMOR is the proud owner of 3.13 acres in Mendota, at the corner of Belmont and Derrick Avenue, the future site of our Westside Wellness and Enrichment Center.
  • We are also pleased to announce we are partnering with Madera Community Hospital to operate the medical clinic and provide much needed after hours’ primary care, specialty care and health education.

Thank you for your continued support and for joining us in building a healthy community worldwide. We look forward to accomplishing greater things together in 2017.

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