June 2015 Update

Over the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work testing and refining the latest EVT Units (Engineering Validation Test). I wanted to give you a look into some of these tests so you can see how AMP is progressing.

The main reason many of you are here is that you wanted a great audio experience, whether that’s listening to music or making a phone call. One of AMP’s great features is that it can deliver not only more volume, but also better sound quality (crisper highs and richer bass). We’ve been testing and tuning our latest speakers to deliver just that and we wanted to give you a quick demo of where we are with that. In the video below you’ll see our latest AMP Prototype for the iPhone 6 in our sound room and tested head to head with a stand alone iPhone 6.

Notice how the audio is not just louder but also richer

But let’s not forget that AMP is also designed to protect your iPhone. We engineered AMP with a protective TPU band that goes around the edge of the outer case. This band will be co-molded directly onto the case for a tight and seamless integration. Below is a photo of what the protective band looks like including the soft volume buttons

TPU band on one of our EVT units

The band is just one of the ways that AMP protects your iPhone. AMP also provides additional drop protection by moving the impact points away from the corners of your iPhone (the most vulnerable part). AMP’s corners have small pockets of air that allow the case to better absorb impacts and further protect your iPhone. Below are a few shots we took during our drop tests. Notice how AMP flexes on impact and snaps back into place.

We are progressing nicely with our testing and are one step closer to reaching our goal of getting AMP to you. Thank you again for your support and we’ll be sharing more news with you in the weeks to come.


Alex Selig
CEO, SoundFocus

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