Technology.. The way its going.

Technology is crazy, remember when we used to have the idea of a device you could communicate with one another from apposite sides of the world? This was just an idea. Now you can pull out your touch screen phone, turn on your location and let all of the world see exactly where you are. Hell, you can even drop your “Emoji guy” on a map and everyone can see a 3d little dude that looks like you… What is this!?!? What is the technology going to be like in 10 years? 20 years? 50 years?


We are developing technology that will change the game the world interacts with the internet of tomorrow. I can’t per say say exactly what it is we are doing but let’s just say.. IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. This is something that will compete with Facebook, Google and all other social platforms in one. Who knows, it may even compete with some of the biggest games in the world of today. This technology will be able to be used with VR(FB just acquired Oculus for 2 billion.) and it will be able to be used as a regular 3d platform as well.

Innovation… it’s what keeps your company alive.

We always encounter companies that have “made it” in the marketing or business world. The part we see when companies start to drop off the radar is when they stop INNOVATING.

You need to keep on changing, improving.. if you don’t then you will stay the same and everyone else around you will only become better. Think about “Apple” for example: they come out with MULTIPLE products every year… They have different departments working on different projects to become the ultimate company. Do you want to make millions?? Just do it. Start, innovate, and go!

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