What can you manifest?

This world is crazy.. Manifesting whatever you want in this world, is it possible? Times have been hard. What happens if you continue to chase your goals and never give up no matter what? This sounds easier than it is.. What happens if you are in business, you get sued, your family member is sick, your dog dies, life happens. What are you supposed to do? Give up and spend all your attention on those other areas? NO. This is what separates the 1% versus the rest of our society.

Do you put in the work to get the outcome you want?

Why is so much of our society lazy today?

I once had a friend that wanted to step down in his career as a manager because “It was too stressful having to think all the time.” He wanted to step down so he could “Not have to think as much.” Why do people want to have a life where in their job they trade their time for money and don’t want to think? This seems insane… This is the point where I stopped being around people who want to just “coast” through life. When you look back on your life and you had two options, either work your ass off, make goals and accomplish your dreams or… You coast by in life, get your paycheck, pay your bills and thats your life. This is absurd to me, honestly. If you take the hard road and create your own destiny, you will find that you are more fulfilled in life and want to experience more of it. Go out and get your dreams, no matter how long it takes. This is going to be the best road you could have ever taken in your life. Go get it.

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