What if there was a platform that challenged todays ways of interactive socially to improve tomorrows social interactions?

Today is an odd way of interacting with people online… Not to mention dating online now days. This is a sick joke, say “hi” to someone on a social media platform in hopes to one day meet up and say “hi” in person. This is a weird concept to get used to. What if we had a system in place where you could customize your own character and then interact through those characters online? You could still get everything accomplished from the comfort of your home yet it would still feel like a real interaction.

We are all sucked in.

We are working on the next big thing.

Amazing… what one idea can turn into and boy, its truly amazing. Without disclosing all of our secrets, I do want you to know, we are working on the next big thing. This is something that will combine the website world with the potential for Virtual Reality designed into them. This is going to be the next big thing, bigger than any social media platform today as they are boring and repetitive. What do people do on Facebook but waste time? You see funny videos and those are great for entertainment purposes… but after you are on Facebook for 1 hour how do you feel about yourself? I feel horrible as I am wasting my life away. What if you could have a worldwide platform that combines all of these social media platforms into one? This may not make sense to most but when we launch… You better be ready for something so revolutionary I predict Google tries to buy the idea out.

Never give in.
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