Kyoukai no Kanata AMV-Rise
Kyoukai no Kanata AMV

anime: Kyoukai no kanata
Song: Rise by Katy Perry

I am really glad that I could finish this Amv because I am so in love with the power of the song ;A;
And always sorry for the pitch xD I don’t want it to be blocked and if its blocked then I am still very sorry bc its very good music and I HAD TO EDIT XD you can watched only from pc.

I felt the last days very depressed again but I am glad that I have found this song because it gives me power and I want to express it with that Amv! I really hope you guys will enjoy it QwQ
This year was really the worst year of my life because of two girls
the one she was my girlfriend but she broke my heart because i seen her kissing with other man and i broke up with her.Now i have feelings for other girl but she have boyfriend and my girlfriend now she wants me back i am telling you MY LIFE IS FUCKED UP.This is half of the things she did.
Anyway I am so sick of it and want to get rid off the stuff that drives me so insane :c and I also try to not give up on myself and want to say this to all the others who have to fight against depression, suicidal stuff and everything that makes you upset!! Please please stay strong and fight?! ;A; I am very bad at writing stuff that should motivate x’D thank you for reading if you do this