Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty) on Unsplash

A night in blue
the tones of it
color the sky
and shade the buildings.

It shares the scene
with young lovers and old friends;
it plays a long note
in a jazz score.

The blue travels
like a wisp
from one to another;
it captures a moment

like a whisper
from a lover
who was first
your best friend.

The warmth of blue,
the promise of midnight
the blurred moment
from a sip of wine,

the clinking of glasses
and the sharing of good company.
The wisp transports us
to a promise—

one we feel in our bones
that there’s a life
without the pain…
a place where we can escape

into the night
and the blue
will protect us
with its magic.



Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

there is beauty in your bones
it’s more than appearance
it’s in an effervescence
that bubbles to the surface
when you’re handing
a steaming bowl of soup
to a sick loved one

there is beauty in your heart
that beats quietly
and triumphs over the stress
of your conditions
that emerges when you’re
exhausted from the day
but you push on

there is beauty in your humor
it’s a laugh that embraces
the absurd
that finds the light
even when the night has come
and all seems dark

there is beauty
yet there are always challenges
another then another
there are always worries
another then another
and there is always home

you have to make
within your soul
to make a space
for others
to find their comfort
and their safety
and their beauty too