Benefits and scope of blockchain startups

Feb 12 · 3 min read

When the word “blockchain” is mentioned, many people automatically associate with cryptocurrencies in their heads. If a person is far from this sphere, he is not interested in going into details. However, in this way you can miss the benefit that promises to use the blockchain in your own business — and it can come in handy in various areas.

Not everyone thinks that using a blockchain in startups is a worthwhile business. Someone familiar with this technology will consider that its use will only complicate everything. However, the use of the blockchain has its undeniable advantages, and to facilitate the implementation of this technology in your own business, you can use the VISIONARIA platform.

Benefits and scope of blockchain startups

A blockchain is a chain of blocks with information, where all these elements, except the primary, contain information about the previous unit, the type of transaction and the header that is used to generate the next block. Internal information is kept safe due to the fact that access to individual blocks is encrypted. The system user gets a general idea of ​​the chain, having access only to their own blocks.

In practice, this technology has a number of significant advantages:

  • Confidentiality
  • Safety of transactions
  • High transaction speed
  • Decentralization (distribution of power and resources among community members)
  • The invariance of the stored information
  • Multifunctionality

It is not surprising that blockchain technology has become widely used not only in the field of cryptocurrencies. Other areas of possible use of the blockchain include:

  • Confirmation of copyright
  • Reputation ratings
  • State and private management
  • Transactions with goods and raw materials
  • Video games
  • Database Operations
  • Search engine optimization
  • Real Estate
  • Personal identification
  • Checking the uniqueness of content, etc.

During the step-by-step implementation of a blockchain startup, it will be necessary to take into account the following points:

  1. Formulation of a problem and its solution. At this stage, you need to think about what kind of problem existing in society can be solved with the help of blockchain properties.
  2. Team building. If the efforts of one programmer are enough to create a simple application, then a large-scale project will require the formation of a team of employees with experience in the field of blockchain. In addition to the programmer, you will need a technical director, tester, internet marketer, etc.
  3. Attracting investors. Costs must be calculated in advance.
  4. Software development. The programming phase takes different times — depending on the size of the project.
  5. Legal support. The legal regulation in the field of blockchain leaves many questions, so the help of an experienced lawyer will be required.
  6. Advertising. Research is being conducted to determine the needs of potential customers, the activities of competitors are analyzed. Then clients and partners are involved.
  7. Strategic management. A long-term project development plan is being created.

What does Visionaria offer?

Visionaria is a Business Hub that makes investments in several sectors to create and launch AMZcoin, and provide funding assistance for multiple projects to exploit the fast growing SaaS. The “Subscription Economy” is now recognised as being key to gaining more customers. Changing the historically based product first to customer first mind-set is the way forward for every business model.

Visionaria Hybrid Business Model, best described as a platform where companies invest in their customised products, but also in building a more significant client base by extending their ecosystem to include other diverse or related companies via API.

Revenue increases through third party information sharing, thereby broadening the customer mix on an infinite level. Increased Revenue with Hybrid Business Platforms comes through different sources that are now more diverse because of third party exposure:

  • Increased Lead Generation leading to more customers/sales
  • Revenue Sharing Partnerships and Affiliates
  • Variable Fee Structures
  • Pay for Use/View

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The AMZ Coin ICO goal is to support several projects: Amazing History, Monttra, an Exchange and a Online TV Channel.

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