Five Tips for Playing Mini Golf and Improving Your Game

A Maze'n Farmyard
Jan 13, 2017 · 2 min read
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A maze’n Farmyard opened to the public in 2004 with a focus on providing families and children with an environment of enjoyment and learning while teaching children about life on a farm. Located in Eden Valley, Minnesota, A maze’n Farmyard offers a wide assortment of activities and attractions, such as mini golf. The following list includes a few tips for playing mini golf and improving your game.

1. Test your swing. Test your swing before beginning the course to get a feel for the putter and how fast the ball travels. Some mini golf courses will offer practice greens for this purpose. For courses without such greens, you can either pay close attention during your first few holes or agree with your group to do a few practice swings on the first hole.

2. Scope out the course. Mini golf courses incorporate creative and sometimes elaborate design features and obstacles to challenge players. Take a moment to review the course to determine the simplest route from the tee to the hole that requires the fewest putts.

3. Aim for a specific spot. Choosing a specific spot to aim for can help improve your accuracy and enable you to execute your strategy better. Draw a mental line from the ball’s current position to the spot at which you’re aiming. Mini golf courses are often designed to make you take one to three shots, so prepare for this at each hole.

4. Consider posture and alignment. Try to align your feet with the mental line you create to your intended target and keep the ball lined up with the inside edge of the foot facing the course. Your forward foot will depend on whether you play right-handed or left-handed; the left foot will face forward for right-handed individuals and the right foot will face forward if you play left-handed.

5. Take care with your swing. Aim your swing carefully and avoid hitting the ball too hard, which may cause it to roll too far or bounce off the course entirely. Additionally, try to keep your swing below the knees.

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