Minnesota Pet Breeders Association Membership

Located in Eden Valley, Minnesota, A Maze’n Farmyard provides amusement and entertainment to visiting families. The amusement park features a range of attractions, from a giant slide and maze to pony rides and a barn. A Maze’n Farmyard also breeds and sells puppies and is a member of the Minnesota Pet Breeders Association.

Since 2005, the Minnesota Pet Breeders Association has served as a membership organization for professional and hobbyist animal breeders. Membership with the organization costs $35 a year and gives members access to the organization’s various speakers, seminars, and newsletters. Through these events and publications, members have the opportunity to learn about changing guidelines relating to the proper care of animals and network with their colleagues to improve the image of professional pet breeders.

Firms, organizations, and individuals who produce and market pets are welcome to join the Minnesota Pet Breeders Association. All members must function within state and federal regulations regarding pet licensing and agree to follow the Minnesota Pet Breeders Association’s Code of Ethics.

The organization divides its membership into associate, junior, and honorary members. Associate members live in Minnesota and qualify for membership based on the organization’s limitations. Meanwhile, honorary members are selected by the association for recognition, and junior members are individuals below the age of 18 who are involved in the pet breeding industry. Only associate members in good standing are given voting power within the association.

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