Louisville Ranked as NCAA’s Most Valuable Basketball Team

Alexander Mosnick
Mar 15 · 2 min read

The recipient of a bachelor’s degree in economics and business from Northwestern University, Alex Mosnick is a strategy consultant with the Chicago, Illinois-based insurance brokerage consultancy AON. When he isn’t assisting the underwriting and management teams of global insurance companies with initiatives such as product development, Alex Mosnick enjoys watching college basketball.

According to Forbes, the University of Louisville Cardinals is the most valuable college basketball team in the US. The Cardinals, who play in the ACC, have only reached the year-end NCAA Tournament once in the previous three seasons, but still made $23 million in profit in 2018 and have an average annual revenue in excess of $50 million over the past three seasons. In contrast, the Cardinals made more money in 2018 than the Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Charlotte Hornets of the NBA.

The majority of Louisville’s revenue comes from ticket sales ($14 million last season), as the team plays in the third-largest arena in all of college basketball. It also has lucrative sponsorship deals. Moreover, the school receives annual donor contributions of more than $30 million, of which 72 percent is directed to the basketball team. Kentucky, Indiana, Duke, and Kansas round out the top five of the most valuable college basketball teams.

Alexander Mosnick

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Alexander Mosnick is a strategy consultant and associate relationship manager at Aon Inpoint Consulting in Chicago.

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