~How to Use the New Streamloots Disenchant System~

We have finally released this feature to ALL Streamloots streamers!!

Read on to learn how to use it.

  1. Check your dashboard for the new tab called Disenchant(new) and click it.
  2. Here you will have access to everything to get started with this new feature. Read the intro and click “Start Configuration
  3. A new menu will pop up with the Default Configuration for all cards. Here you are able to update the cost for disenchanting and building of new cards for each rarity type.

4. If you want all cards to be craftable, make sure to click the “Set All Cards As Craftable” check mark. You can also turn on crafting on the individual card level later on.

5. Next is a Summary that describes in more detail how this works, and how many of a certain card you’ll need to craft new ones.

6. When you’re satisfied with the numbers, you may click the “Save Configuration” button.

7. Once done, click “close” to check out the rest of the configuration options.

8. Scroll down if you want to set special configuration to individual cards, or turn on/off crafting on each card.

9. Once you’re happy with your collection, make sure you click the “Save Configuration” button in the middle bottom of the page.

10. The next and final thing you can do is to add your own Resource Image under the “Customization” tab, right now it’s a gem, but you are able to add any small image to be used instead if you want it to fit your branding better!

For the Viewers

Now, when viewers are looking at your collection, they are able to toggle on “Craft Mode” on the right side above your 4th card.

  1. Once Craft Mode is toggled on, you’ll be able to see the cost to disenchant and create new cards.

2. To disenchant, click on a card that you currently own, and click the “Destroy” button.

3. It will ask if you are sure, and show you what you’ll receive for doing that. Click “Confirm”.

4. Now if you look where the “Craft Mode” toggle button is, you’ll see how many shards you currently have.

5. When you’ve disenchanted enough cards to create a new one, you are able to then click a card, and the “Crafting” side should be available to you.
6. Click how many you want to make, click the “Create” button, then “Confirm”.

7. You should now have that card available to play!

8. Have fun with your new power!

We hope this helps you understand our new system, and allows you guys to get and use even more Streamloots cards! Now, get to work!

Find any bugs, or have any ideas for us? Join our Discord to talk directly with the team!