ANGELINGS horoscope October 2015: JUGGLER Archetype

October 20, 2015 by Emmanuelle Linard

ANGELINGS offers a structure of 12 Values.

To each one of these values corresponds an archetype. Each month, a report is posted, looking at the news through the lens of this particular archetype.

October is The JUGGLER’s month, corresponding to Value 7: BALANCE, JUSTICE, DIPLOMACY.



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The ANGELINGS JUGGLER is fair, champions one-on-one relationships and diplomacy. Artwork Elisabeth Linard for ANGELINGS, LLC

After the hard work performed through the SERVER’s energy in September, we are encouraged this month to pause and ponder, to take time to stretch our mental capacity to understand one another, and take steps to establish partnerships.

The JUGGLER desires to balance, debate, negotiate, and even regard compromise as a tool for success.

The Walk movie - TriStar production -

Juggling: The Walk

An equilibrist walks the fine line way high up in the air, treading carefully, looking for balance at every step between manmade towers of establishment. This little guy dressed in a grave black costume carries the weight of a breath-holding audience on his shoulders. He hovers over the great urban grey, relying on his faith and skills, negotiating the void in his little ballet chaussons. A great metaphor for The Juggler who befriends danger with sharp focus and determination, making it to the other side of this vertiginous industrial landscape. Fame & glory through negotiation. Dedicated to the victims of 9/11.

Building relationships

The Juggler wants to exchange. He sits face to face to his opponent and develops one-on-one relationships, even if he encounters resistance and power struggles. We call upon our innate ability to synthesize opposites. Are we ready to engage in a conversation with our challengers? The Juggler seeks partnership and accepts the risks inherent to this new experience, enacting the dialogue. Give diplomacy another go.

Open for debate

Politics is the science of public affairs. In our interactive society, everything becomes political. Politics, just like money and religion, is coming into scrutiny. Political opponents engage into debates to bring out opinions and truths to educate their audience, allowing voters to make up their mind.

Truth be told about profiteers

Our Archetype blog month started on September 21 with the fall equinox, balancing day and night. It also started with a lunar eclipse blood moon to invoke new beginnings, pioneering ideas in leadership, provocative innovation, and unstoppable transparency.

The Juggler seeks to spread the truth, and expose lies: with more high-level firing of Volkswagen executives in Germany, the company’s top management has no choice but to feed the crowd those on top who cheated to become number one.

Voices in the US are also breaking the silence about the private prison issue. The massive and systematic incarceration of petty criminals is making big corporations richer as they profit from free prisoners labor, and society is psychologically impoverished with dismantled families and individuals who won’t be able to get back on their feet once released, costing society even more pain and tax dollars.

Truth be known on history

On Columbus Day, we want the world to know that America was discovered and populated way before 1492. The cities of Portland, Oregon and Albuquerque, New Mexico in the U.S. became the last cities to ditch Columbus Day as a holiday.

Wake up and kill the habit, for truth’s sake.

Fighting for net Neutrality

The Juggler is eager to share, and is particularly skilled at exchanging information. He will fight for it too.

Blogging site Medium is warning its readers on the potential loss of net neutrality, indivulging the legal battle they joined with Automattic, Reddit, Squarespace, Yelp and Twitter. Being proud to take side and support the FCC to get “broadband companies to treat all packets equally. No slowing down traffic from one company and no charging extra for a fast lane.”

Dealing with social media abuse

Tired of cyber bullying, pushing, shoving, or taunting? Social media too brutish for reader’s use could lose their fan base. Umair Haque, economist and author of The New capitalist Manifesto, building a disruptively better business, warns us on how Twitter could be deserted, being a place of “endless bickering” treated as a non-issue by platforms builders. Be nice online, folks…

The best of both worlds

I recently participated in a workshop on feminine leadership. One of the proposed individual group exercises consisted in dreaming out loud our future life in front of the group. Since we were all having a great time performing creative activities, eating well, joining hands in mediation, laughing in good spirits, it came as no surprise that most of us shared the same dream of building our “mini-paradise”, as one of us stated, i.e. artistic communities with loving values.

This is already happening. Communities are organically sprouting to allow a handful of individuals to build their ideal lifestyle. These customized formations tackle details that the town legislation has neither time nor budget to address. Empowered members are encouraged to lead themselves towards independence and create efficiency. This way they have more ownership over their destiny. The happiest groups become models for others to follow. They grow parallel to the traditional powers in place; not instead-, but in addition- to. The best of both worlds, while we still can. And/or is a Juggler’s motto.

Like-hearted individuals

These communities are fluid. They can be organized around activities, like meet-up groups. But before anything, they are composed of individuals who share the same values. More than like-minded, these folks are like-hearted. More than what they do, they care for who they do it with. This is the beauty of such a model, because each person can bring her unique set of skills to the table, adding thereby to the global pool of capabilities and growing a strong independent enterprise.


Each individual shares himself/herself between several communities. We diversify our options, which release the occasional emotional pressure of responding to one tribe only. We don’t want to be owned by anyone. We liberate ourselves to be part of several societies at once. Our game is plural. We evolve from mono-gaming to poly-gaming. Free love!

Polarity made visible

In our world of polarity, there is a growing division between those who fear the new and want to maintain the establishment and those eager to trust each other to build a freer society. The Juggler portrays the part of us willing to envision the latter. We give freedom a chance, readying ourselves to break the chains of our personal attachments in the near future.

In November the TRANSFORMER will take us by the hand through the meanders of our own fears. We will explore the themes of DARKNESS, POWER & TRANSFORMATION, based on the 8th value of the ANGELINGS concept.

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