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The ANGELINGS work method is a guiding frame to help corporate coworkers jump-start a creative discussion, and develop ethical products or meaninful events customized to the particular needs of their organization.

This method offers inspiration for new creative ideas as well as a structure to organize them.

Its frame of values helps the team to maintain their preferred vision throughout the creation process.

When applied to the self, the ANGELINGS method facilitates personal development, helping us to activate and integrate the creative facets of our multidimensional personalities. In that sense, it is a practice.


The ANGELINGS method is based on a set of 12 PHILOSOPHICAL VALUES that have weathered millenia of civilization.

These 12 fundamental principles are described in the ANGELINGS: BOOK OF VALUES, FROM SPIRIT TO BUSINESS a manual of creative integration. The book offers practical solutions for a successful collaboration illustrated by corporate case studies.


The ANGELINGS Archetypes are derived on the Values. The 12 Archetypes are: The WARRIOR, the ARTISAN, the MESSENGER, the QUEEN/KING, the LOVER, the SERVER, the JUGGLER, the TRANSFORMER, the SCHOLAR, the MERCHANT, the INNOVATOR and the SAGE. Which Archetype are you? The ANGELINGS questionnaire will be available soon.


We start co-creating when we focus on what we have in common. When we feel safe and open to share, creativity sparks. Involved, passionate and committed, we make a living with a sense of purpose.


Self awareness. Creative entrepreneurship. Barter economy. Corporate wisdom.