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I did it! I hit the road, bohemian lifestyle, couch surfing and … sleeping in my car. I drive a Grand Cherokee; roomy and pretty comfortable. Not as good as British Airways First, but definitely better than Air France Business.

I went through all my material possessions and put the basic things necessary to my well-being in two suitcases. The small one for immediate needs and the large one for back-up stuff. I basically put everything else I own on the market either for sale or for rent, making cash in the process. I am selling my clothes collection at flea markets and setting up pop-up vintage sale events. I started an Angelings Vintage store on Etsy and will soon post re-sale items on EBay. My property is advertised online on vacation rental sites. I moved my office to the cloud years ago and I travel with an Internet hot spot, so as long as I get a signal on my phone, I can chat, blog, update my books and stream the last episode of Catastrophe.

I am definitely not the only transient here… So is venture capitalist self-help guru James Altucher, who now owns only 15 things. I, too, am practicing what I preach…

On The Road by choice, Mr. Kerouac. To get a sense of what freedom, nomadism and a minimalistic lifestyle feel like. Of course it helps that it’s summer time in New York, and that I have the means to navigate safely and comfortably, encouraged by cool friends with a great sense of humor who always have a spot on their couch and a shower available for me to use. I am on the road by choice, not by necessity. Yet it takes some letting go of worries and certitudes.

I don’t plan ahead, and half of the time I don’t know where I’ll end up in the evening. Leaving room for surprises! The universe is not short of surprises; good ones — interesting conversations with fellow travelers about unhitching a trailer or locating public bathrooms and power outlets -, and not so good ones — a whole fleet of uninvited mosquitoes. But altogether I recommend the experience. I feel adventurous, humble and alive.

FREE WILL is at its best when we let inner guidance take the driver’s seat.

It breeds creativity. Below are a few considerations about the CREATOR within, inspired by my summer journey so far.


After a long period of exploration of our physical, intellectual and emotional resources, and of understanding that true happiness depends primarily on how we feel, we are starting to master our emotions. Whatever we focus on brings more of that to us. Therefore, if we focus is on positivity, outcome will be positive — and vice versa.


When we are waiting for the perfect conditions to be happy — stuff, portfolio, royalties, a good retirement plan, ideal relationships, perfect health, a fulfilling job -, we make our happiness conditional. When we get what we want, soon enough we get bored and move on to new desires anyway. Great fulfillment for the time being, but elusive by design. We have had it all backwards for eons.

When we decide to be happy no matter what, our happiness becomes unconditional. Independent from how fit, good-looking, rich or successful we are, we control our level of happiness. We feed what we focus on; like attracts like. More becomes more. A glass half full state of mind.


When we shift our focus back to today’s reality, we hinder our creativity and we slow down our ascension process.

Realism is old news because it embodies the realization of yesterday’s dreams. When we look at our feet we focus on what is, we create more of what is, making us feel bored, stale, resistant to change and blind to obstacles. We stumble; we lose balance, confidence and trust in the goodness of the world. Any resistance is an indicator that we have lost our alignment with our inner guidance. Realism brings resistance.


When we look ahead to see the larger picture, we can finally breathe. We naturally expand; we have room to maneuver. From this broader perspective we can direct our inner compass toward our future co-creations. Where we look, we go. We project ourselves into the realm where our dreams take shape. We cherish each stepping stone on our path as a precious gem on the unique chain of events leading to the tangible realization of our desires. We learn as we move forward, thus we welcome modifications to our original dreams, and we end up with so much more than we ever expected. We become the conscious observers of our own creations.


When we feel inspired and energized, no action is required! We can keep the rosy glasses on. It means that we are in agreement with our hearts and we are moving in synchronicity with our inner being.

When a negative emotion is triggered, we catch it early and we seize every chance we get to shift the focus to what is working in our lives long enough to generate a feel-good vibration. Simple pleasures will do: take a nap, get a massage, meet a friend, treat ourselves to a nice meal, are all opportunities to generate a vibration of contentment.

The practice of gratitude, contemplation, or focused-oriented repetitive activities like cleaning, gardening, or meditation work as methods to quiet the mind.

What happens when the mind is free of concerns is key to our personal development: our true happy nature starts filtering through.


Then, the trick is to maintain the feel-good focus long enough for our inner being to filter through to our consciousness. We start hearing the guidance coming straight from our intuition, that state of being connected to the source of all wisdom. At first we are not sure. But soon enough we start realizing that every time the mind quiets down, as we become more peaceful we start having very good ideas. It feels as if we are tuning in to a practical radio station giving us hints on how to fix a recent issue or whispering the idea of a new project; a dear someone we lost track of resurfaces in our awareness just as this person calls us out of the blue, etc etc… Little miracles start to happen. Yet these are not coincidences; they are the results of our ability to finally be able to hear what guidance, in its subtle way, has been trying to tell us all along, paving the way to the tangible manifestation of what we want. Tune in! It always works.


We are ready to jump to the next phase of our human existence. Our next job in life consists of walking hand in hand with our guidance, following our inspiration, and honoring our deepest desires. Not only are we no longer afraid of our dreams but we get excited about the process of making them come true. The entire journey to what we want becomes illuminated and we enjoy the whole process. We start manifesting the life we truly desire, in accordance to our skills, passions and expertise, gathering our unique gifts to define the purposeful mission that our hearts want to pursue in this lifetime.


We are finally acknowledging our extraordinary potential. The mere fact that we are alive, incarnate and maintaining our human body, is a miracle of our own doing. We constantly transform the vibrations of dreams, emotions and thoughts into tangible things we can touch, see, hear, smell and taste. We are powerful masters of density maintaining the focus on our dreams long enough to crystallize them into physical manifestations.


Freed from emotional and mental bondage, we will into existence our inner LOVER Archetype. We are exalted with our ability to sense our surroundings, amazed by our own uncovered potential and thrilled by the intensity of our journey. Unconditionally joyful, grateful to be in human form.

There is tremendous abundance available to us at this moment, and this is all of our own doing. How fun!


We create our lives with vibrations that turn to emotions, to thoughts and to conscious intentions, resulting in the tangible manifestation of our desires. And when we’ve enjoyed the process, we do it again, endlessly launching new desires.

We finally bow to the artists that we are.

Embracing the zodiac energy of fiery Leo sign, we are here to CREATE. It is our duty to shine on the creative world stage. Jumping through the ring of fire: on the other side of narcissism, we become the miracle of our own doing. Burning Desires & Burning Men!


But here is the best part: all we need to do is let the guidance flow to our awareness, follow the advice, and have a great time. Our life actions become effortless, because forcing isn’t part of our nature. The instant we work too hard the journey becomes unpleasant and we attract more unpleasant vibrations, generating creations mismatched to the true joy within. Swimming upstream slows down the process.

So let’s relax and enjoy the ride! Leo is lazy indeed… Work is replaced by play, and there is nothing left but joy for us to experience :-)

ANGELINGS horoscope August 2016 — Value 5: WILL, ABUNDANCE & ART

The fifth Archetype of the Angelings system is the LOVER.

ANGELINGS offers a structure of 12 Values. To each one of these values corresponds an archetype. Each month, a report is posted, looking at the news through the lens of this particular archetype. August is The LOVER’s month, celebrating Value 5 of WILL, ABUNDANCE, and ART.

In July, the QUEEN/KING led the way into caring for the community and listening to our hearts. This month, we fire up our creativity, generosity, warmth and an uncontrollable desire for expansion. This month of August The LOVER is ready to take the center role. With playfulness, we liberate the genius within and will our creations into existence, happy to share our joy.

Check out The LOVER Pinterest board for an illustration in clothing, design and lifestyles, The LOVER news blog articles on Google+ collection, ANGELINGSnews on Flipboard, Twitter and on my Instagram account.

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