The Vision of CRYPTOFEX

Jul 7 · 4 min read

CRYPTOFEX is aimed at becoming a leading company in the field of online banking services in the blockchain era.

■ Debit card payment service with its own brand

CRYPTOFEX is superior to most of the other cryptocurrency exchanges. CRYPTOFEX users can deposit and withdraw both fiat and cryptocurrencies, and our debit card services enable you to utilize the deposited assets all over the world with your debit card. You can use it at usual shops for payment without converting cryptocurrencies to legal tenders.

■ Deposit by credit card/Withdrawal by debit card

You can also withdraw crypto assets as fiat currencies at a partner ATM without exchange. You can also deposit to CYPTOFEX using a credit card.

■ Fiat currencies to buy cryptocurrencies


■ Money transfer service from wallet to the third party

The remittance of fiat currencies, as well as for cryptocurrencies, are allowed on our platform.

■ Security tokens

The security token is, for example, defined as a token that is valued depending on an amount of dividend to token holders. It opens a new business area, and it’s expected as a new way to raise funds in stock markets, credit markets, real estate markets, etc.

There are many experts who predict its market to expand beyond the utility token market represented by Bitcoin. CRYPTOFEX is going to provide security token trading services as an STO platform.

As seen above, CRYPTOFEX focuses on continuously providing the most-advanced fintech services for the markets.

■ Investment

CRYPTOFEX has accepted investments from one of the Japanese investing company, Merchant Bankers, and is going to build strategic partnerships with each other.

Merchant Bankers has a great history of 72 years in business and 70 years in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It owns a blockchain company, MBK Blockchain, as a subsidiary. CRYPTOFEX will take advantage of the network and know-how from Merchant Bankers to expand the business field.

Merchant Bankers





CRYPTOFEX is aimed at becoming a leading company of online banking, which provides various financial services, in the blockchain era.

As one of the milestones, it is in the process of being listed on the Nasdaq Baltic.

Being a listed company will make it easy to collect funds flexibly from the markets. We are advancing the preparations to enhance our corporate value.

■ The privilege for a subscriber of the newsletters from CryptoFEX

CRYPTOFEX is going to open a webpage that lets you sign up for the newsletters soon. Please stay tuned to the news from CRYPTOFEX.

Every subscriber will get Z502

Z502 (502 Bad Gateway Token) as a privilege. They will be distributed to your wallets in CRYPTOFEX.

502 Bad Gateway Token (Z502) is a community token created to protect all those who invest in cryptocurrencies.

As the exchange token of CRYPTOFEX, Z502 is provided with a discount on exchange commissions and various benefits.

We plan to continue to design the benefits of Z502 holders, so please look forward to that. Details will be announced at the appropriate timing.

CRYPTOFEX is going to provide a Z502/EUR pair. The minimum transaction price of Z502 will be set at 0.01 EUR.

The mascot character “Zchan” featuring Z502 makes CRYPTOFEX a great boost. “Zchan” is an animation character designed by a famous Japanese designer. “Zchan” will promote CRYPTOFEX and “Zchan Animation” all over the world.

Binance founder CZ has also appeared as one of the characters of “Zchan Animation?” and delighted on Twitter.

Like CZ, some contributors from the crypto community will act as animation characters and activate the whole community.

The Vision of CRYPTOFEX

CRYPTOFEX, as a fintech company, will keep going forward to enhancing its value by working toward providing the services that are advanced, convenient, and even entertaining as well.

We look forward to informing you via our newsletters.

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