I Objectify Women
Scott Roche

This is the first piece of your work that I’ve come across (it was posted in a writing group on facebook) and while I wouldn’t normally bother making an account to comment, I felt I had to. There’s just a lot of good things to say.
1) The trust you have in your reader is great. Not only is it important to have another set of eyes on our work, it’s really necessary that we, like, listen to their advice?? Why else would we have them??? But too often I find people who try to explain or dismiss the problems people point out. 
2) You know the saying. The first step is admitting you have a problem! Kudos for that in itself.
3) I really admire your fixes. They’re not done in an attempt to overcompensate or appeal. They’re tailored to the need of each specific circumstance and I’m sure the stories will be stronger for it.
So yeah, I like all of this, and it’s written in a concise and entertaining way. Full marks all around!