Programming Doesn’t Require Talent or Even Passion

LOL, you choose three weak anecdotes and use it to prop up your argument. These people are out of the norm, they are not who represent the core of programmers. When I think programmer I think of Ken Thompson, Larry Walls, Dennis Ritchie, Bjarne, Richard Stallman, Donald Knuth, Peter Norvig, Brad Fitzpatrick, Peter Norvig, etc. The only programmer here that is remotely respectable is David Hansson and his only problem is that he did not like Java or PHP (both of which I don’t like either, but that has nothing to do with my potential or passion to program). This is like saying that a bricklayer does not have talent or passion for their trade because they just don’t like using trowels with a metal handle, the point went so over your head it’s unbelievable.

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