Talk about stranger things

“The year was 2081, and everyone was finally equal.”
 Kurt Vonnegut

- “I find it so strange that the idea of equality is still to this day debated.”

- “Strange indeed.”

- “Still to this day!”

- “The debate continues to arise partially because equal is frequently thought to mean identical or the same.”

- “And that’s part of where a strangeness comes from. A value system that prizes an individual’s freedom to be different - to be unique - sees equality as menacing.”

- “Talk about stranger things!”

- “That’s why a substantial amount of scrutiny should be placed on selecting a government that pledges fair treatment and equal opportunity.”

- “Yes, on choosing a government that treats everyone the same, while protecting every individual’s freedom to be different.”

- “But not on a government that treats individuals differently, so as to make them equal at the end.”

- “To make them equal? At the end?”

- “Strange indeed.”