Men Don’t Cry

Most men in the 21st century are cry babies. They have a large sense of entitlement and if they don’t get what they want they cry, sob and pull tantrums.

There is nothing more annoying than having a full grown man trash out tweets from his butter fingers because a woman didn’t reply his DM or answer his text about two of them hooking up.

The sense of entitlement which is one of the strong symptoms of the ‘nice guy syndrome’ is what is killing men today.

Men think they have to play nice for them to get ahead. That’s the conditioning that has crippled most men. “Oh if I am nice maybe this babe can leave her jerk boyfriend for me” or “I am a nice guy so why should she treat me like this?”

If you have found yourself speaking like this, you are a 21st century man shackled by a stupid sense of entitlement.

Once you know no one owes you anything, you’ll begin your road to freedom, to being a man.

Men of the Roman Empire didn’t beg or plead for attention or recognition. They worked hard, and were brutal in achieving their goals. The most beautiful women in the Roman Empire married the most successful men of the realm and not the nice ones.

As mankind has progressed masculinity has been reduced to a human being owning a penis. Generals and kings have turned to men seeking validation from strangers.

Nice guys finish last. As cliché as that saying has become it is the truth. Hollywood has it programmed in our heads that the nice guy will take home the High School damsel instead of the cocky jock. Dreams have been sold, lies have been told, but the truth remains- nice guys never win.

Women will never be turned on by nice guys. They want real men that don’t shrivel, bow and cower.

Why should a woman pick you when you do all of these things?

It’s time to have some balls. Improve yourself, love yourself and don’t tolerate second place or third when you should be first. Tolerance is crap, it’s either I am number one or I am nothing at all.

Unplug yourself from the Matrix. Be the One. Be a Beast. Be a Wolf. Be a Lion. Be who you are meant to be, and not a caricature posting comments on your ‘#wcw’ Instagram picture. Have some goddamn respect for yourself MAN!

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