Ted Cruz to Assist Carly Fiorina in Dream Of Not Becoming the Vice President

There is only one way that Carly Fiorina can become the Vice President of the United States in the 2016 Presidential Election cycle. That way is to be nominated by a candidate for President.

Today, that possibility took a major blow as Fiorina was named as the Vice Presidential Candidate for a man who almost assuredly will not be a candidate for President, Ted Cruz.

Fiorina had been rumored as a possibility to become running mate for Donald J. Trump. Which would have at least opened the door to the possibility of her becoming the Vice Presidential, by actually, literally, being on a ballot for that position come November, 2016. Instead, she has hitched her minor celebrity among small Republican circles to Cruz. A man who has no idea that basketball is an important sport in the state of Indiana, a state that is now very important to Ted Cruz.

This is an odd move all around. I mean, wasn’t it enough for Fiorina to have lost once this election Cycle to Trump? What’s the point in going through this process again?

What does this move do for Ted Cruz?

Well, to start, Ted now has someone he can share his sadness with. So, maybe this is merely a sign that Cruz’s family is sick of him?

Maybe Ted Cruz was bored with Trump insulting him, so, he brought on Fiorina for some easy Trump insults in her direction?

It certainly can not be that Cruz believes Fiorina will help him win Indiana and any other State remaining on the Republican docket. I mean, he announced Carly Fiorina, not an Abraham Lincoln hologram.

How will Donald Trump respond to this non-story? I expect he’ll have a nickname for Fiorina. Hopefully he’ll avoid insulting her face, or, her looks in any capacity. Just stick with how no one cared about her as a Presidential candidate, Donald.

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