While Cruz Calls It a Basketball Ring, Trump Brings Out Bobby Knight

Donald Trump is fresh off of his sweep of five states and looking to work towards closing out Ted Cruz next week with a win in the Hoosier State. Countable has the Results from the “Acela Primary” but, we turn our attention to Ted Cruz not knowing what the hell a basketball hoop is.

How is this possible?

It makes you wonder:

  • Has Ted Cruz played basketball?
  • Has Ted Cruz seen the movie Hoosiers?
  • Is Ted Cruz’s Favorite Documentary about Sports “Ring Dreams”?
  • Has Ted Cruz spent hours upon hours dunking a nerf basketball through a ring?
  • Is Ted Cruz’s favorite play in basketball when the Phoenix Suns Gorilla Mascot dunks a basketball through the ring after jumping off of a trampoline?
  • Ted Cruz roots for Duke, doesn’t he?

To make matters worse for Ted Cruz, according to Day 1 Podcast Donald Trump is bringing out Indiana basketball Legend, Bobby Knight to campaign for Trump in Indiana.

Ted Cruz can’t afford any mistakes in a Primary as important as Indiana.

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