Stay Creative in 2016

I’ve been gearing up for linkedIn & other business platforms to blow up and become as useful as it’s potential suggests. I feel that 2016 and moving forward, linkedIn is going to get stronger and stronger for entrepreneurs, artists and larger companies alike. 2015 has been a great year of building and making the right moves. 2016 is already gearing up to be the next phase of the puzzle. I want this to be a place where people doing business can get together and find creative ways to build their portfolios, websites, blogs, Vlogs, webinars, Youtube, or however you plan to build your brand & ultimately, your legacy. Marketing strategies have changed as we’re becoming more creative in the way we reach people. Stay hungry and know that together, we can come up even more in 2016. Happy and safe New Year and remember to reflect today and set your goals to a higher level this coming year! #StayCreative2016

Alonso Orellana

Creative Producer