Follow Your Heart , not people’s opinions

Why on Earth I would leave the life of comfort and style in world’s the most developed countries ?

I used to live in what most people would consider the nicest neighborhoods of Scandinavia — Tjome , Bygdoy , Vastra Hamnen : clean enviroment , ocean , superb transportation , high speed internet , health-conscious communities , exclusive yachts , islands , imported exotic fruit

The anwer is simple : I can’t get hooked on watching Netflix , drinking beer or getting to like ungroomed guys

In this world it’s all about LOVE — finding that a missing puzzle of yours

Here are my 3 ways how you can withdraw from Netlix , drinking beer , becoming cleanly

1 ) when you watch Netlix — identify what you watch and what interest you in the movie — is it perhaps you wish to become an actor / actress ? is it a place you wish to visit ? Stop watching the movie and take action on your goals ! Make a plan — fulfill your dreams . Anything you dream of becoming , having can turn into a reality ! You deserve it !

2 ) when you drink beer — originally beer had better ingredients , but the reason you drink beer it’s because you follow the crowd , instead dare yourself to be yourself -unique individual who deserve to be vibrantly healthy ! Beer is 100 % liquid carbohydrates with a high glycemic index and alcohol content . This combination grows ‘pot bellies’

3 ) when you are ungroomed — exception you can make when you travel but if you wish to be kissed passionately , groom yourself . What makes you a man is to be a classy gentleman :)

Thanks for reading !