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For the last year, APANO has repeatedly asked itself: “How do we adequately respond to this political moment? What does it take to resist hate, bigotry, and injustice right now?

We strongly believe that it is more important than ever to amplify and lift up the voices of Asian and…

Contributed by Brandon Cruz, Former Policy Advocacy & Research Intern at APANO

The presidential election of 2016 was extremely alarming and frightening for many minority groups within the United States. Personally, I thought that people were joking with me when I heard that Donald Trump was running for president. I…

Contributed by Elai Kobayashi-Solomon, former Cultural Work & Placekeeping intern at APANO

My last name is the nightmare of substitute teachers. Kobayashi-Solomon. It doesn’t fit on the back of a soccer jersey, and it takes what feels like an eternity to scrawl out all 17 letters when I’m signing a…

by Marleen Wallingford JACL Portland, President, and Vui Talitu Dr. Toeutu Faaleava, Samoan elder and spiritual leader, former APANO Board member

In 1862, Oregon required all Black, Chinese, Hawaiian and multiracial people in the State to pay an annual tax. Those who could not pay were forced to provide cheap…


APANO is a 501c4 statewide advocacy org, uniting Asian Pacific Islanders to fight for social justice.

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