How To Lose a Toenail in 132,000 Easy Steps

by Annabel Gray

Annabel, Jess, Marissa and Jenny preparing to set off.

We’re a talented bunch at APD, and not just in terms of our digital wizardry. Over the last few months, a few of the team have been swapping their mouses for walking sticks in preparation for the Oxfam Trailwalker 100km Hike on the 25th-27th August.

Despite a slight lack of walking experience, Marissa, Jenny, Jess and Annabel thought 100km was a great idea: an amazing way to fundraise for Oxfam, get fit, have a laugh and see a bit more of Sydney.

And then reality set in. It turns out 100km is really far! It’s like walking from Sydney to Wollongong and then a bit further, and who in their right mind wants to do that? Hearing talk of the average finishing time of 30 hours, losing toenails and zero sleep, it became apparent that it was not going to be a walk in the park.

It’s been a steep learning curve, both metaphorically and physically, as the team have dragged themselves up hills and stumbled back down them again, only to be confronted by another mountain to climb. Exhausted, aching and losing the power of speech, the girls have crawled home from Central Station to Hunger Games-style showers to remove the numbness from their chilled bones. And this was only after the 20km Spit to Manly return.

Despite this, the team refuse to let their spirits be crushed. They’ve even upgraded their walking kit and are almost starting to resemble proper walkers. With eBay-special walking poles (which received a few judgmental frowns from the seasoned hikers in the office) and actual walking boots; the walking and the distance have now both stepped up a gear.

Now regulars on the Great North Walk (the 250km trail connecting Sydney and Newcastle) the most recent hike was a gruelling 8 ½ hour 38km from Cowan down to Hornsby — notoriously known as one of the toughest sections on the official Oxfam trail.

The official route for the 100km hike, from Brooklyn to Sydney.

Despite the magnitude of this epic trip, the reality of what’s to come has definitely set in as they realise they are yet to hit the halfway mark! There is a long, long way to go.

Keep up to date with our intrepid travellers as they share their adventures with us. It’s a long road ahead and we can expect there to be a lot more blood, sweat and tears on this trip.

This is not a journey for glory though. It’s a hard battle to fight poverty and injustice throughout the world, supporting the hard work done by Oxfam.

Please show your support for our heroic team and this worthy cause by sponsoring here, and look out for more updates as the big day approaches!

Annabel Gray is an Account Director at APD, Sydney. With over 10 years’ experience in the digital industry, Annabel draws from a diverse background of industry and channel expertise to provide clients with a performance-driven digital strategy.