Meet Scott Player, APD Australia’s New CEO

Get to know a little bit more about the man who will be guiding the good ship APD.

APD CEO Scott Player

How did you get into the world of digital?

My first role out of uni was a Marketing Executive position for an eCommerce company. Since then every role has had some involvement within the digital landscape, so it’s fair to say I’ve been in the world of digital my whole career.

Where were you prior to joining APD?

I was at a business called Ansible, the specialist mobile media and technology agency within IPG Mediabrands. APD is the 4th business starting with “A” that I’ve worked in a row — Austereo, Airborne, Ansible and now APD!

What are your 3 biggest accomplishments?

Becoming a father mid last year is definitely one of my life highlights that’s going to be hard to beat. From a career perspective, I’ve been really fortunate to work alongside some amazingly talented people who have really helped in the following accomplishments:

- Growing a digital creative agency from an idea with my sister to a team of 85 over 5 years and through an acquisition and subsequent merger was a pretty awesome journey that was loads of fun with amazing people along the way.

- Co-founding a mobile app/business called Beat the Q (now Hey You) with my best mate and helping/watching that grow into something that helps thousands of people get their daily coffee hit quicker has also been hugely rewarding.

Where do you see digital marketing going?

I believe that relationships are built over many lightweight interactions. Digital marketing lets a client identify, engage, connect with and establish a relationship with an individual customer and also continue to engage, nurture and grow a long term, mutually beneficial relationship over many lightweight interactions. All of this can be done utilising the power of digital.

In my experience, many clients focus their marketing activities on shorter term business or marketing objectives. However it’s the ones that have a more holistic and longer term approach to acquisition, engagement, relationship building, and see a relationship with their customers as a mutually beneficial relationship, that will have significantly greater long term success. This is where marketing and technology come together to create something hugely valuable.

What excites you about the industry?

It’s both the best thing and one of the most challenging things about this industry: it just doesn’t stand still. It’s always moving and evolving, driven by consumer trends and advancements in technology. I’ve always found this exciting and motivating albeit challenging.

What do you see as the biggest challenge facing digital marketing at the moment?

There’s lot of challenges facing the industry — viewability, transparency, accountability, etc., and as they are so widely discussed, I won’t expand on them here.

One of the more ongoing challenges I see is the blending and merging of marketing and technology teams. There has been much debate about who’s going to win: marketing or IT? But my opinion is that it doesn’t matter in what camp you sit; it’s about building skills across the other so that you become fluent in both marketing AND technology. In my experience, those that can bridge this gap are very few and far between, and those that can are highly valued today and even more so tomorrow.

After a couple weeks in, what do you think is one thing that APD does really well?

The people in the APD business are extremely talented, motivated and passionate about success, both for client businesses as well as APD. People are everything in businesses such as ours and a few days in, I’m seriously impressed.

Ready Player One
Rapid fire with Scott Player

Hobbies: Sailing, snow sports, tech stuff, cooking

Can’t live without: Coffee and wine

Cities lived in: I’ve been lucky enough to have always landed the roles and career path I’ve sought in Sydney, so whilst I’m fairly well travelled, I’ve always lived in Sydney.

Favourite movie: Point Break

Favourite TV shows: It varies depending on what I’m watching! In the last few years I’ve really enjoyed Suits, Homeland, GoT, and Designated Survivor.

Favourite YouTube channel: Sailing La Vagabond

Apps you can’t live without: Dropbox and Hey You

Favourite food: Only one? If I’m forced to choose one…Japanese.

Favourite country to travel to: A hard one, as every destination and culture is unique and I’ve loved them for various reasons. Forced to choose one, I’ll say Italy.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Reliable. Ambitious. Kind.

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