Community Care Package


We’re still growing.

By: Lauren Pongan

Normally, I love spontaneity and adventure. But in this pandemic I’ve watched myself take new comfort in building rituals like daily walks to my neighborhood rose garden and ceremonies like lighting candles every night at dinner. I’ve been keeping a visual journal with my housemates to record highlights of each day in our mini-community. I’ve embraced ritual in a way I didn’t think possible in my pre-COVID life.

And I’m far from the only one adapting. I’ve been incredibly awed by the creative ways that our communities are continuing to take care of one another. Friends at SEAMAAC and IDIC Filipino Senior & Family Services are delivering groceries to newly homebound elders. Asian Community Development Council in Las Vegas is enrolling community in health insurance through virtual appointments. We’re doing things we didn’t know we could do until we had to.

We’re still finding creative ways to thrive, to pool our resources, and to be there for one another as best we can. Thank you to all of the community organizations and leaders who continue to lead with heart as we adapt.

Food for the Heart

J unplugs during this week’s episode of Day By Day, and reflects on ways we’re still growing in spite of the pandemic.

In-Language Resources

Our Community Library of over 357 COVID-19 resources in 40 AA and NHPI languages continues to grow. Please share these in-language resources with your networks:

You can submit any in-language COVID-19 materials you find useful through this link, and we’ll add them to the collection:

The Nitty-Gritty- The Tools You Never Knew You Needed

When communicating publicly about our work, words matter. The way we frame our work shapes the ways people understand our efforts, our challenges and our vision for the future. Establishing the right tone (depending on the media) can help us garner support from diverse stakeholders, build solidarity with our community and inspire hope. As you’re crafting messages to share your current efforts and your vision for the future, consider these tips from the Frameworks Institute.

  • Show that you’re responding to the moment — not taking advantage of it.
  • Show that bold, collective action is the only response that makes sense.
  • Help people see this time as a moment when change is possible, necessary and desirable.

Show Your Love

We may be stuck at home, but we can still show our love and appreciation digitally. Go to our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Thank You Post and tag someone you’d like to thank — whether it’s your small business, a frontline healthcare worker, or an early thank you to your mom for mother’s day.

Thank you, and please reach out to us if you have further thoughts.

Next week is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Be sure to follow us online @APIAHF on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see how we’re celebrating and honoring our heritage.

Lauren Pongan is the Network Innovations Manager at the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum. This is the fifth installment of the #HFCarePackage series. To get regular emails from this newsletter, please sign up here.



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